Output Documents of 3rd CGMC Meeting

Document No. Description Source Date Allocation
CG3/OUT-06 Summary Record of the Meeting APT
CG3/OUT-06-Annex 1 List of Participants APT
CG3/OUT-06-Annex 2 Meeting Agenda APT
CG3/OUT-06-Annex 3 Provisional Agenda of Preparatory Meeting for GA-12 APT
CG3/OUT-06-Annex 4 (Revised 1) GA/MC Decision Matrix APT
CG3/OUT-1 Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly APT
CG3/OUT-2 Rules of Procedure of the Management Committee APT
CG3/OUT-3 Affiliate Membership Guideline APT
CG3/OUT-4 Draft APT Documents Framework APT
CG3/OUT-5 Resolution on the Terms and Conditions of Employment of the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity APT
Last updated on 25/11/2020
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