5th Meeting of the APT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-15 (APG15-5)

27 July 2015 - 01 August 2015
Seoul, Rep. of Korea

The 5th Meeting of the APT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-15 (APG15-5) was held from 27 July to 01 August 2015 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The meeting was organized by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Republic of Korea.

Venue: The venue for the meeting is Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel.

All APT Members, Associate Members, Affiliate Members and International/Regional Organizations can attend the meeting by registering online free of charge. Member Administrations and International/Regional Organizations are requested to send the official List of Delegations for the meeting and to nominate Head of Delegation (HoD) and Alternate HoD. If any APT Affiliate Member is included in the National Delegation, please clearly mention in the List of Delegation.

Participation of Non-Members: Non-Members can attend the meeting with “Observer” status by paying Registration Fee of USD $250 per person. Non-Member participants under National Delegation are exempted from paying the Registration Fee upon submission of a letter of nomination signed by the responsible officer of the Administration. Above requirement does not apply to the host country participation. Please contact APT Secretariat for the payment methods of the Registration Fees.

Registration of delegates can be done online at http://www.apt.int/content/online-registration. In order to take preparation and making logistic arrangements it is suggested to register on or before 29 June 2015. For those who need visa for travelling to Republic of Korea, the host will provide the visa supporting documentation (Letter of Invitation). For the visa assistance, please fill in the "Visa Supporting Letter" Form provided in Annex III and submit to local secretariat before 22 June 2015. For detail information, please see the ‘Visa and Immigration Information’ in page 5 of the Participant's Information.

Accomodation Reservation:
Please check participant's information for detail of accomodation reservation.

Submission of Contributions:
Contributions for the meeting from APT Members, Associate Members, Affiliate Members, regional and International Organizations are welcome. You are requested to use the proper document template for submitting contributions. COntribution should be based on the agenda of the meeting. Please follow the Contribution Guideline for the preparation of contributions. Document templates are provided in the Contribution Guideline.  Contributions will be posted on APT Website prior to the starting of the meeting. Last date of receipt of your contributions by APT Secretariat is July 20, 2015. To submit contributions and any information on the documentation, please contact:

Mr. Forhadul Parvez
Project Coordinator, Radiocommunication
Asia-Pacific Telecommunity
Phone: +66 2 573 0044 (Ext. 117)
E-mail: [email protected]

In order to facilitate efficient meeting management and document handling process, APT encourages the use of electronic documents during the meeting. Electronic copies of the meeting documents will be available on line.

For further details about the meeting and venue please check Partcipant's Information.

Invitation Letter

Provisional Agenda

Information for Participants

Meeting Documents

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