Standardization Workshop

Standardization Workshop 2017 (22 August 2017)





22 August 2017 (Tuesday)

09:30 - 10:30
Standardization Workshop 2017


PART A: What we are doing - Brief Introduction of each Standards Development Organization/ Committee

Moderator : Dr. Jongbong Park, APT



  • Its establishment, mandates and its membership;
  • Standardization related activities;
  • Challenges faced and suggestions to ASTAP/APT. 


  • Dr. Kohei Satoh
    Executive Manager of standardization, Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), Japan [Presentation]
  • Mr. Mike Johns
    Project Manager, Communication Alliance (CA), Australia 
  • Ms. Bingmei Wu
    Deputy Secretary General, China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), People’s Republic of China 
  • Mr. Alagaratnam Navaratnaraja
    Chairman Reference Panel, Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Bhd. (MTSFB), Malaysia 
  • Mr Raymond Lee
    Director, Resource Management & Standards Telecommunications Standards Advisory Committee (TSAC) of IMDA, Singapore 
  • Dr. Keun-Ku Lee
    Vice President, Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), Republic of Korea 
  • Mr. Yoichi Maeda
    CEO, Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC), Japan 
10:30  - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45  - 12:15
Standardization Workshop 2017



PART B: What we need to work together - Panel Discussion


Moderator : Mr. Masanori Kondo, APT


             The same speakers at PART A


  • Key success factors to establish the organization / committee;
  • Recommendations to developing nations those who have not yet established organization / committee for ICT standards; 
  • Any assistance to put forward to developing nations in the region;
  • Areas for collaboration in the region;
  • What would be the future roles of ASTAP/APT.

Conclusion of Workshop



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