Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Spectrum

16 May 2017 - 17 May 2017
New Delhi, India

The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) organized the Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Spectrum (WG SPEC) from 16 to 17 May 2017 in New Delhi, India. The meeting was hosted by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

This meeting is a part of the activities of SATRC Action Plan Phase VI which was adopted by the 17th Meeting of the SATRC (SATRC-17) held in October 2016 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The objective of the meeting is to conduct the Working Group activities on the Work Items assigned by the Council. This meeting will be the first meeting of the Working Group under SATRC Action Plan Phase VI and expected to discuss the Work Items assigned to the Working Group.

The Work Items of WG PRS during the implementation of SATRC Action Plan Phase VI are as follows:

  1. Proliferation of Wi-Fi network in SATRC
  2. Wireless backhaul – Spectrum, technology and policy consideration
  3. Developing spectrum roadmap in SATRC countries for future mobile broadband
  4. Spectrum management for the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT).

Meeting Documents

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