Input Documents

Document No. Description Source Date Allocation
TCPIC-17/INP-01 International Conferences Dr. Bob Horton, NICTA
TCPIC-17/INP-02 Diplomatic Negotiation Dr. Bob Horton, NICTA
TCPIC-17/INP-03 Mock Conference Briefing Dr. Bob Horton, NICTA
TCPIC-17/INP-04 Chairmanship Programme Dr. Bob Horton, NICTA
TCPIC-17/INP-05 Introduction to ITU Conferences Ms. Beatrice Pluchon, ITU
TCPIC-17/INP-06 Introduction to Rule of Procedures Ms. Beatrice Pluchon, ITU
TCPIC-17/INP-07 Introduction to drafting of ITU resolution Ms. Beatrice Pluchon, ITU
TCPIC-17/INP-08 ITU Conference Documentation Ms. Beatrice Pluchon, ITU
TCPIC-17/INP-09 Chairing ITU meetings-Introduction Ms. Beatrice Pluchon, ITU
TCPIC-17/INP-10 Decision Making Process Ms. Caroline Geenway
TCPIC-17/INP-11 Diplomatic Negatiation Ms. Caroline Geenway
TCPIC-17/INP-12 How to prepare your proposal Mr. Seiichi Tsugawa, KDDI Corporation
TCPIC-17/INP-13 Diplomatic Negatiation Mr. Seiichi Tsugawa, KDDI Corporation
TCPIC-17/INP-14 Role of the Chairman Mr. Seiichi Tsugawa, KDDI Corporation
TCPIC-17/INP-15 APT and its main functions APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-16 Welcome address by Secretary General
TCPIC-17/INP-17 Regional Initiative by Group 1 rev1 Group 1
TCPIC-17/INP-18 Draft Resolution by Group 1 rev2 Group 1
TCPIC-17/INP-19 Regional Initiative by Group 2 Group 2
TCPIC-17/INP-20 Draft Resolution by Group 2 Group 2
TCPIC-17/INP-21 Regional Initiative by Group 3 Group 3
TCPIC-17/INP-22 Draft Resolution by Group 3 rev1 Group 3
TCPIC-17/INP-23 Regional Initiative by Group 4 rev1 Group 4
TCPIC-17/INP-23-2 Proposal of Regional Initiative by Group 4 Group 4
TCPIC-17/INP-24 Draft Resolution by Group 4 rev1 Group 4
TCPIC-17/INP-24-2 Proposal of Resolution by Group 4 Group 4
TCPIC-17/INP-25 Regional Initiative by Group 5 rev1 Group 5
TCPIC-17/INP-26 Draft Resolution by Group 5 rev1 Group 5
TCPIC-17/INP-27 My experience in organizing international conference and the role of chairperson Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma, AIT
TCPIC-17/INP-28 FAO Regional Conference for Asia and Pacific Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma, AIT
TCPIC-17/INP-29 UN Conference Scenario Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma, AIT
TCPIC-17/INP-30 Mock: Agenda of First meeting of HOD APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-31 Mock: Draft Structure(HOD) APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-32 Mock: Agenda of First Plenary of Meeting(HOD) APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-33 Mock: Draft allocation of documents(HOD) APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-34 Mock: Agenda of The First Plenary Meeting APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-35 Mock: Draft Structure of WTDC 17 APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-36 Mock: Draft Allocation of Documents APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-37 Mock: COM3 Draft Agenda rev1 APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-38 Mock: COM4 Draft Agenda APT Secretariat
TCPIC-17/INP-39 Draft Resolution by Group 4,5 rev1 Group 4,5
TCPIC-17/INP-40 Mock: Agenda of The Final Plenary Meeting APT Secretariat
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