APT Preparator Group for PP-10: Correspondent Group 2 (CG-2)


CG-2 considers strategic issues, including policy, structure and legal issues of the ITU. The Group will contribute to COM 5. Its scope of work includes:

  • Review Council decisions/discussions/recommendations on policy, structure, legal and general issues.
  • Review and propose amendments to the Constitution (CS), Convention (CV), Rules of Procedure and Optional Protocol.
  • Review and propose amendments to the Rules of Procedure of Conferences and meetings relating to the Telecommunication Standardization, Radiocommunication and Telecommunication Development Sectors, and operational aspects of Plenipotentiary Conferences and the Council.
  • Consider the future role of International Telecommunication Regulations
  • Consider and propose issues that could strengthen the role of the regional organizations with special focus to APT
  • Consider issues relating to the implementation of the outcome of WSIS.
  • Review contributions and proposals to PP-10 from other regions and countries on any strategic issue, including policy, structure, or legal issues.
  • Consider any other issues determined by the Group in its work for the preparation to PP-10 or referred to the Group by the APT Preparatory Meetings

In relation to this work, CG2 will consider the work and outputs of the following Council Working Groups:

  • Terminology: Use in the Constitution and Convention
  • Security Definitions and Terminology: Use in ICTs
  • WSIS: Implementation of outcomes
  • Study on the Participation of all relevant stakeholders in ITU activities related to WSIS


Date Document Source
29 Apr 2010 Draft APT Common Proposal to Stabilize ITU  Constitution Rapporteur
25 Jan 2010 (CSCV)Election of the three Directors of the Bureaux Iran
25 Jan 2010 (CSCV)Terminology used to designate the Directors of the Bureaux   Iran
25 Jan 2010 (CSCV)Limiting the possibility of elected officials to serve more than two terms in any post at the Union Iran
19 Jan 2010 (CSCV)Revision to the APT Common Position on "Proposal to Stabilize the Basic Instrument of the Union" Iran
08 Jan 2010 (CSCV)Functioning o the Coordination Committee Iran
08 Jan 2010 (CSCV)Accountability of the Elected Officials Iran
08 Jan 2010 (CSCV)Functioning of the Union Iran
17 Nov 2009 Issue Paper of CG-2 Rapporteur



Date Document Title Source



Dr. Jason Ashurst
ITU and Treaties, International Branch
Dept of Broadband, Communications and the
Digital Economy (DBCDE)
38 Sydney Avenue, Forrest ACT 2603
GPO Box 2154 Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Tel: +612 6271 1928
Fax: +612 6271 1800
E-mail: [email protected]


Assistant Rapporteur:

Mr. Justin Lee
Manager, International
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
8 Temasel Blvd. #14-00 Suntec Tower 3
Singapore 038988, Republic of Singapore
Tel: +65 6211 1169
Fax: +65 6211 2222
Email: [email protected]


Ms. Kalaya Chinatiwon
Director, International Organizations Group
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 141 6898
Fax: +66 2 143 8029
Email: [email protected]


Mr. Farzad Hakem Zadeh
Director General, Technical and Economical Planning Bureau
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Islamic Republic of Iran
Tel: +98 21 8811 2934
Fax: +98 21 8846 7673
Email: [email protected]


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