APT Preparatory Group for ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014


WG1 considers issues associated with the administration of the ITU, its finances and budget, and issues related to organization and associated coordination. Terms of reference of WG1 are:

  • Review and propose improvements to the management and functioning of ITU
  • Review the draft ITU Strategic Plan in the context of the implementation of results-based budgeting
  • Review and propose improvements in ITU financial processes
  • Review Income and Expenditure and Financial Plan
  • Consider and review issues that could strengthen the role of the regional organizations with special focus to APT
  • Review PP Decisions and Resolutions relevant to the activities of WG1 including:
    • ITU TELECOM Exhibitions and Forums, taking into account the experienced gained since PP-10
    • Financial and Human Resourcesand other financial matters
    • Independent Management Advisory Committee (IMAC)
    • Financial implication of the use of translation services
    • Free Online access to ITU Documents such as RR and associated Rules of Procedure
    • Admission of Academia, Universities and associated research establishment to participate in the work of the three sectors of the Union
    • Consider the needs to clarify the rights, role and financial responsibilities of Sector Members and Associate Members
  • Review Council decisions/discussions/recommendations on finance, Management, budget and human resources development
  • Consider ceiling on expenditure issues, aiming to achieve a timely response to unanticipated demand for services under the cost recovery system, as well as the financial stability of the ITU
  • Review contributions and proposals to PP-14 from other regions and countries on administration, finance and budget issues; including draft financial policies and the draft financial plan
  • Consider any other issues determined by the Group in its work for the preparation to PP-14 or referred to the Group by the APT Preparatory Meetings

In relation to those works, WG1 will consider the work and outputs of the Council Working Groups with implications on financial and administrative matters of the ITU, if any.

Chairman: Ms. Felicity Morrision, Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Australia (Email: [email protected])
Vice-Chairman: Ms. Min Jung Park, KISDI, Rep. of Korea (Email: [email protected])

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