APT Preparatory Group for ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014


WG2 considers policy, structure and legal issues of the ITU. Terms of Reference of WG2 are:

  • Review and proposed amendments to the Council’s outcome on the Draft of Stable ITU Constitution, General Provisions and Rules including proposed consequence of changes
  • Review the Report of the Council on Resolution 163 (Guadalajara, 2010) relating to the output of the Council Working Group on Stable Constitution
  • Review, in consultation with other Working Groups and propose amendments to the Constitution (CS), and” Convention (CV)/( now provisionally labeled( General Provisions and Rules),in particular, the Draft APT Common Proposals submitted to PP-10 as an Annex to the APT Common Proposal relating to Stable Constitution
  • Review PP Decisions, Resolutions and Recommendations relevant to the activities of WG2
  • Consider issues relating to the implementation of the outcome of WSIS
  • Consider the issue of possible role of the ITU as Supervisory Authority of the future international registration system for space assets under the Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters specific to Space Assets under preparation by UNIDROIT
  • Review contributions and proposals to PP-14 from other regions and countries on any policy, structure, or legal issues
  • Review where necessary of General Rules for ITU Conferences, Assemblies and Meetings and those of Optional Protocol, taking into account the outcome from the review of the Stable Constitution. Particular attention to be paid to the need to provide sufficient stability to the ITU Constitution
  • Consider holding the future World Conference on International Telecommunication with the regular interval (every 8 years)taking into account the outcome from WCIT-12
  • Review contributions and proposals to PP-14 from other regions relevant to the activities of the WG
  • Consider any other issues determined by the Group in its work for the preparation to PP-14 or referred to the Group by the APT Preparatory Meetings

In relation to this work, WG2 will consider the work and outputs of the Council Working Groups with implications on policy, structure and legal issues of the ITU, if any.

Chairman: Mr. Sang Hak Lee, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Sceince, ICT and Planning, Rep. of Korea (Email: [email protected])
Vice-Chairman: Ms. Mari Ichikawa, Director, International Policy Division, MIC, Japan (Email: [email protected])

Considering the importance of the work related to the Stable ITU Constitution issues, a Sub WG named 'Sub WG on ITU Stable Constitution' has been formed under the WG2 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Kavouss Arasteh (Islamic Rep. of Iran).

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