APT Preparatory Group for ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2018 (APT PP-18)


WG2 considers the administration and management related issues of the ITU, such as strategic plan and finance of the Union. Proposed terms of reference of WG2 are to:

  • Review and propose improvements to the management and functioning of ITU, except matters deal with by WG1;
  • Review the draft ITU Strategic Plan, prepared by CWG on Union's Strategic Plan, in the context of the implementation of results-based budgeting;
  • Review and propose improvements in ITU financial processes, taking into account outcome from ITU Council and its relevant Working Group;
  • Review Income and Expenditure and Financial Plan;
  • Review Council decisions/discussions/recommendations on finance, Management, budget and human resources development,;
  • Consider ceiling on expenditure issues, aiming to achieve a timely response to unanticipated demand for services under the cost recovery system, as well as the financial stability of the ITU;
  • Review PP Decisions and Resolutions relevant to the activities of WG2;
  • Review contributions and proposals to PP-18 from other regions and countries on administration, finance and budget issues, including draft financial policies and the draft financial plan;
  • Examine outcome of relevant CWG outputs on matters fall under the responsibility of this group.

WG2 also considers any other issues determined by the Group for the preparation for PP-18 or referred to the Group by other APT Preparatory Groups.

Ms. Min-Jung Park, KISDI, Rep. of Korea (Email: [email protected])


Mr. Pradeep K Shukla, Director, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, India (Email: [email protected])

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