APT Preparatory Activities for WTDC-14

ITU's 6th World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-14) is being held from 30 March to 10 April 2014 in Dubai, UAE. The WTDC-14 is to discuss and consider on the Regional Initiatives, programs, projects and study questions relevant to the ICT development and setting to the ITU-D (ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau) work for the period of 2014-2018.

The 36th Session of the APT Management Committee decided to establish the APT Preparatory Groups for WTDC-14 on continues basis for the regional coordination and harmonize views and develop common proposals from Asia-Pacific region for WTDC-14.


  • To assist APT Members to prepare for the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conferences (WTDC) in coordinating issues of regional interest and the submission if regional contributions to the Conference.
  • To develop proposals from APT Member countries for input to the WTDC-14 that considers the interests of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • To assist APT Members during the WTDC-14.

Terms of Reference:
The Terms of Reference of the three APT Preparatory Group for the WTDC are as follows:

  • To hold meetings during a preparatory cycle of WTDC
  • To establish necessary Working Methods including Documents Approval Procedure and Structure of the Group in line with the APT practices and for the effective delivery of the objectives of the Group. The Working Methods of the Group are to be approved by the Management Committee
  • To identify and study issues associated with the agenda of the WTDC, taking into account, where appropriate, the developments on the decisions of the previous WTDCs, and any relevant decisions of the Plenipotentiary Conference, ITU Council and the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG)
  • To develop APT Common Proposals and any other appropriate documents in line with APT’s Documents Framework on the agenda items of the WTDC
  • To develop APT Positions as may be required on issues for consideration at the WTDC and on proposals from other regions to the WTDC
  • To review the preparatory work of other regions and undertake coordination with those regions if deemed necessary
  • To arrange coordination meetings during the WTDC for the APT Members attending the WTDC and provide collaborative support and guidance for the APT Common Proposals presented at the WTDC
  • To report the activities and the progress of the work of the Group to the Management Committee on an annual basis as necessary

Structure of the APT Preparatory Group for WTDC-14 was established at the 1st Preparatory Meeting which was held on 03-04 April in Seoul, Republic of Korea. It consists of a Chairman and a Vice Chairmen and three Working Groups. The structure of the Working Groups and the name of office bearers are shown below.

  Chair Vice Chair(s)
APT Preparatory Group

Mr. Chakrya Moa


Ms. Nur Sulyna Abdulla (Malaysia)

Dr. Bohyun Seo (Rep of Korea)

Working Group 1 (WG1): Programs

Mr. Nguyen Quy Quyen


Mr. Killa Gulo-Vui

(Papua New Guinea)

Working Group 2 (WG2): Regional Initiatives

and "WSIS+10 Review Process", Study Groups and

Associated Questions and ITU-D working methods

Ms. Carmen Ball (Australia)

Mr. Ken Sugawara


Working Group 3 (WG3): ITU-D Strategies Plan

Declaration and other issues not covered by WG1 and WG2

Mr. Hossein Fallah Josheghani

(Islamic Rep of Iran)

Mr. Kishore Babu


 Please click on the WGs to view the detail of the WGs.

Email Reflectors:
 E-mail reflectors have been established for the work of the three WGs. Please contact APT Secretariat to register in the Email Reflectors.


  1. APT Coordination Meetings during WTDC-14, 30 March - 10 April, 2014, Dubai, UAE
  2. 4th APT Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-14 (WTDC14-4), 21-24 January 2014, Pattaya, Thailand
  3.  3rd APT Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-14 (WTDC14-3), 23-25 October 2013, Gold Coast, Australia
  4.  2nd APT Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-14 (WTDC14-2), 03 May 2013, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  5. 1st APT Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-14 (WTDC14-1), 03-04 April 2013, Seoul, Rep of Korea

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