APT Preparatory Group for WTDC-21 - Working Group 1


 Working Group 1


(Programmes, Study Groups and Associated Questions)

Terms of reference of WG1 are to:

  • Consider matters relating to ITU-D Programmes, Study Groups and Associated Questions taking into account the strategic goals and objectives of the ITU in particular to those of ITU-D;
  • Assess the achievements of the relevant parts of the Buenos Aires Action Plan;
  • Consider Resolutions, Recommendations and Decisions relating to ITU-D relevant to the activities of this WG;
  • Identify priority areas and key issues required for development and preparation of the draft common proposals.

Chairman: Ms. Mina Seonmin Jun (Republic of Korea)

Vice Chairman: Ms. Yapeng Wang  (People's Republic of China), Ms. Maryam Espandar (Islamic Republic of Iran)


Related Documents:

 1. Below draft issue paper for WG1 is prepared by Chairman and Vice Chairman of WG1 and seek comments on it from all members;



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