APT Preparatory Group for WTDC-21 - Working Group 3


 Working Group 3


(General ICT Development Issues including Regional Initiatives)

Terms of reference of WG3 are to:

  • Identify key issues for the regional ICT development, including general policy and cooperation among memberships, taking into account the needs of the region and the relevant Strategic Plan of the APT;
  • Discuss and develop proposals for Regional Initiatives for Asia-Pacific region;
  • Consider Resolutions, Recommendations and Decisions relating to ITU-D relevant to the activities of this WG;
  • Consider other matters not covered by WG1 and WG2.

Chairman: Ms. Memiko Otsuki (Japan)

Vice Chairman: Ms. Anna Amalina Imam Baweh (Malaysia),  to be nominated (India)


Related Documents:

 1. Below draft issue paper for WG3 is prepared by Chairman and Vice Chairman of WG3 and seek comments on it from all members;



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