APT Capacity Building Programme


 APT Capacity Building Programme has been hailed as the APT’s most successful and reputed programme to date. It has provided direct benefits to member countries in different areas of expertise and endeavours. 

Training is provided in the areas of ICT, Telecommunication Management, Mobile Communication, Multimedia, Telecommunications and ICT Policy and Regulation, Broadband Technologies, IP Services, Rural Telecommunication Techniques, Network Security, Customer Relations and on other topics as identified by members. 

Over the period from its commencement in 1980, APT has provided its members opportunities to access to quality human capacity building activities and development programmes.

Through the sustained support from the voluntary contributions of its members, including the Affiliates members, coupled with active partnership with the regions’ training centers, the training courses offered by APT have had record numbers of trainees/participants in recent years.

APT Capacity Building Programme is composed of the following components.
1. Training
Training Courses are mainly composed of lectures and hands on activities, and usually making use of the facilities and resources offered by APT Member countries. Topics or fields are selected based on the requests from APT Member countries and the latest development and demands in ICT sector. Trainees are selected from nominations from APT Member countries.   
2. Expert Missions
Expert Mission aims to provide expert’s assistance to address specific needs of APT Members in order to build capacity in ICT development in the region. This will provide opportunities for the Members to build up the expertise to advance their specific ICT policy and regulatory environment through the close collaboration with experts from partner organizations or institutions.

Implemented Expert Mission

3. Youth/Woman in ICT 

The Youth/Woman in ICT programme is to encourage young professionals, students, and women to actively participate in promoting the ICT application and to disseminate knowledge about developments in the ICT field. APT Young Professional and Students Programme (APTYPS) is one of the activities under this work programme.

4. Scholarship

Scholarship programme is the collaboration of APT with the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), Republic of Korea and the universities of Korea to offer scholarship programme to support the study of Master's of Ph.D. degree in Republic of Korea.  


5. ICT Volunteer Programme
ICT Voluneteer programme is the collaboration of APT with the National Information Society Agency (NIA) of the Republic of Korea introducing the Korea ICT Volunteers Programme, which is supported by the government of the Republic of Korea. ICT Volunteers Programme provides APT Member countries and organizations with ICT learning courses or carry out ICT-related volunteering activities to meet the demands of partner organizations by sharing ICT knowledge and skills.



6. Events (Workshops, Seminars and Symposia etc.)
Workshops, Seminars and Symposia are held with the view to capacity building in APT developing Member countries in ICT and other related sectors. Topics are selected based on the requests from APT Members and the needs of the host countries.  

Documents (APT Members use only)

 ※ Annual Participants of APT Members on APT Capacity Building Activities under EBC and Normal Support (2010-2021)


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