AWG: Working Group on Technology Aspects (WG TECH)

Terms of Reference:

  • To carry out studies and develop deliverables which facilitate development of new wireless technologies;
  • To share information on emerging wireless technologies, including use cases of the technologies;
  • To encourage industry research and development;
  • To perform studies of technical and operational matters related to WRC issues, in order to assist APT Members’ to have a better understanding of the issues;
  • To conduct technical consultation based upon the requests of APT Members to meet the needs of the developing countries, and reflect in the work and deliverables of the WG TECH;
  • To identify the spectrum requirements for new radio technologies.


WG TECH consists of one Sub-WG and  five TGs:


Mr. Hu Wang
Head of Radio Spectrum Policy
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
China (People's Republic of)
Email: [email protected]

Last updated on 17/05/2022
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