FAQs on COVID-19 and APT

Q1. Under current situation of COVID-19 across the region, will APT organize meetings/events as planned shown in the calendar posted on the APT website?
-> APT is monitoring the evolving situation and constantly updates the event schedule in consultation with office bearers of the meeting as well as host country. Please visit the APT website to get recent information on event schedule.

Q2. I am planning to attend a APT event/meeting as a delegate from the high risk country (identified by the country where the event/meeting is organized), can I attend APT event? Or what are the conditions I have to follow or prepare?
-> It is highly recommended to check the condition of the country (ex. announcement from the Ministry of Public Health) where the meeting/event be held. Situation and conditions could change everyday. and updated announcement can be found at https://ddc.moph.go.th/viralpneumonia/eng/index.php

Q3. Does a delegate require any medical certificate to attend the APT event/meeting?
-> Besides the conditions set by the country where the meeting/event be held, APT doesn’t require an additional condition to be met (as of 5 March, 2020). This policy may change as required. Please check the APT website before you attend the meeting/event.

Q4. Is it safe to attend the APT event/meeting? What healthcare safety measures will be taken by APT?
-> When APT organizes a meeting/event, APT does its best to provide safety measures to participants as much as possible, including preparing hand sanitizers at the venue. It is highly recommended to protect by yourself, such as prepare masks and keep mindful to clean your hands etc.

Q5. Will APT provide a remote participation for those who cannot travel to attend the APT event physically?
-> If the meeting and/or the chairman accepts remote participation, APT Secretariat will do the best to provide necessary environment for remote participation. In case you would like to participate in the meeting/event of APT remotely, please register your participation as standard participation and then inform your intention to the APT secretariat by email separately. Once APT secretariat receives your request, APT Secretariat will provide necessary information to you. The capacity of the remote participation will be determined by the meeting.


Last updated on 23/10/2020
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