GA/ MC Related Documents


GA related Documents

APT Constitution 

Rules of Procedure of GA (2017)

Resolution - Contribution in Arrears by the Republic of Nauru

Procedure for the Election of Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (2020)

Terms and Conditions of Employment of the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity

Resolution on the Management and Follow-up of Membership in Arrears (2020)

Strategic Plan of the APT (2021- 2023) 

MC related Documents 

Rules of Procedure of MC (2011)

Affiliate Membership Guidelines (2020)

Financial Regulations of the APT (2018)

Guidelines for Organizing APT Activities in collaboration with Members and Other Organizations (2013)

Guideline for Secretariat Travel (2013)

Guideline for Naming of APT Activities (2013) 

APT Documents Framework (2019)

Guidelines for Memorandum of Understanding with Other Organizations (2009)

Guidelines for the use of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Logo (2009)

Guideline for Awarding Fellowships to the APT Event/ Activity in conjunction with the Management Committee (2018)

Staff Regulations and Staff Rules (2020)

Guideline for Members, International Organizations and the Secretariat concerning Extra Budgetary Contributions (EBCs) (2013)

APT Patent Policy (2013)

Guidelines on Representation of the APT in other Regions' Preparatory Meetings (2018)

Guidelines for the use of APT Yearbook Fund (2018)

Guidelines on the Coordination of Nominations for and Expectations of Office Bearers to ITU Groups (2019)

Guidelines for Remote Participation to the APT Meetings (2020)

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