Policy and Regulation

Policy and Regulation has been one of the important areas of APT activities. To foster sustainable growth of Telecommunication/ICT as the driver of the economy in our region, it is necessary to have policies that are conducive for investment, creating business opportunities and equitable access for all players. APT together with members address these issues and will promote the development and adoption of policies and regulations that facilitate greater connectivity, digitalisation, transparency, market competition and access, consumer protection and the development of innovative technologies and services, as well as strengthen regional coordination to support cross-border connectivity and the growth of the digital economy in this region.

APT Policy and Regulation Work Programme consists of three major Work Programmes:

APT Policy and Regulatory Forum (PRF)

PRF is one of the important annual events of the APT where high-level delegates from the policy makers and regulators meet together to discuss on telecommunications and ICT policy and regulatory issues that are of common interest, with the aim of achieving a more harmonized regulatory environment in the region.

Policy and Regulation Forum for Pacific (PRFP)

The policy and regulatory issues faced by the Pacific are unique and it requires its own platform to deal with those issues. PRFP is a key subregional activity of the APT which brings policy makers and regulators of the Pacific subregion to share best practices and experiences for the common benefits of the members.

South Asian Telecommunications Regulators’ Council (SATRC)

SATRC functions under the umbrella of the APT as one of the sub-regional activities. At present, the Council is composed of the Heads of the regulatory bodies of nine South Asian countries namely, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Affiliate members from these countries are also taking active participation in SATRC activities. The SATRC meets annually to discuss the key policy and regulatory issues of concern to the SATRC members.