SATRC Action Plan Phase IV: Meeting of Workign Group Policy, Regulation and Services

SATRC Action Plan Phase IV: The First Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Policy, Regulation and Services
  22 - 23 October 2012, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Doc. No. Title Source
Meeting Documents
Administrative Documents (ADM)
SAPIV/PRSWG01/ADM-01  Provisional Agenda of the Meeting  
SAPIV/PRSWG01/ADM-02  Tentative Program  
SAPIV/PRSWG01/ADM-03  List of the Participants  
Input Documents (INP)
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-01 Outcomes of the 13th SATRC Meeting and SATRC Action Plan Phase IV  APT Secretariat
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-02 Review of the Workimes and Outcomes of the WG Policy & Regulation and WG Network & Services during Action Plan Phase III  WG Chairman
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-03 Work Items of WG Spectrum for Action Plan Phase IV  APT Secretariat
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-04  Proposed List of the Rapporteurs  WG Chairman
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-05 Questionnaire and Structure of the Report on Work Item "Roaming in SATRC Countries"  BICMA 
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-06 Migration Strategies to IPv6   TRAI
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-07 Proposed Questionnaire on Work Item " Migration Strategies to IPv6"   TRAI
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-08  IPv6 Transition Works in Iran  CRA
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-09 Rationalization of Tax Structure in Telecommunication  TRAI
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-10 Applications and Services in Broadband Networks CRA
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-11 Grownth of Value Added Services  PTA
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-12 Update on the Work Item "Rationalization of Tax Structure in Telecommunication"  NTA
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-13 Broadband Development Principles and Regulatory Issues  CRA
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-14 Broadband Service and Bangladesh BTRC
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INP-15 Telecommunication Policies in Islamic Republic of Iran CRA
Information Documents (INF)
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INF-01 Contact Deatil of the Working Group Policy, Regulation and Services Chairman and Experts  APT Secretariat
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INF-02 Brief Summary of the Outcomes of SATRC Action Plan Phase III  APT Secretariat
SAPIV/PRSWG01/INF-03 APT Report on International Mobile Roaming APT Secretariat
Output Documents (OUT)
SAPIV/PRSWG01/OUT-01 Workplan of the Working Group Policy, Regulation and Services  


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