Outcomes of SATRC Action Plan Phase IV

The SATRC Action Plan Phase IV (SAP-IV) was adopted by the 13th Meeting of SATRC (SATRC-13) held from 18 to 20 April 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal for the period 2012-2014.

SAP-IV was implemented through the two SATRC Working Groups (WGs). Each WG was assigned with a number of Work Items. The WGs are:

  •  Working Group on Policy, Regulation and Services (WG PRS): To deal with the work items related to policy, regulation and ICT development in the region. It was chaired by Mr. Sudhir Gupta, Principle Advisor, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
  •  Working Group on Spectrum (WG SPEC): To deal with the work items related efficient use of Spectrum resources. It was chaired by Dr. Mina Dashti, Head of ITU and APT Study Groups, Communications Regulatory Authority of Islamic Republic of Iran (CRA).

The list of the experts who worked for the implementation of SATRC Action Plan Phase IV is available here.

The WGs of SATRC worked on several Work Items during the implementation of SAP-IV and developed SATRC Reports on the Work Items as outcomes. The outcomes were approved by the SATRC-14 and SATRC-15. The outcomes are listed below.

Report No.
Title of the Report
SATRC Report on Harmonized Use of the 700 MHz Digital Dividend Band in SATRC Member Countries
SATRC Report on Process of Arranging the Agreement between Countiries in Cellular Networks
Joint Annoucement by SATRC Members for the Adoption of APT700 Band Plan 
SATRC Report on Mobile Roaming within SATRC Member Countries
SATRC Report on Market Based Methods of Spectrum Managements
SATRC Report on Growth of Mobile Value Added Services
SAPIV-REP-07 SATRC Report on Rationalization of Tax Structure in Telecommunication Sector
SAPIV-REP-08 SATRC Report on Sustainable Broadband Network for SATRC Member Countries: Addressing the Issues of Interconenction, Backhaul capacity and Infrastructure Sharing
SAPIV-REP-09 SATRC Report on Application and Services in Broadband Networks
SAPIV-REP-10 Joint Statement by SATRC Members for the Adoption of regional Mobile Roaming
SAPIV-REP-11 SATRC Report on Regional Requirements and Availability of Spectrum for Mobile Broadband
SAPIV-REP-12 SATRC Report on Digital Switchover Plan in SATRC Member Countries
SAPIV-REP-13 SATRC Report on Strategies for Migration to IPv6

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