Outcomes of SATRC Action Plan Phase V

SATRC Action Plan Phase V (SAP-V) was adopted by the 15th Meeting of SATRC (SATRC-15) held on 5-7 August 2014 in Paro, Bhutan for the implementation period 2015 -2016. SAP-V was successfully implemented in time frame and its' completion was reported to the 17th Meeting of SATRC (SATRC-17) held on 4 - 6 October 2016 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

SAP-V was implemented through the two SATRC Working Groups (WG). Each WG was assigned with a number of Work Items. The WGs are:

  • WG Policy, Regulation and Services (WG PRS): To deal with the work items related to policy, regulation and ICT development in the region. It was chaired by Mr. Wangay Dorji, Head of Telecommunication, Bhutan Infocom and Media Authority (BICMA).
  • WG Spectrum (WG Spec): To deal with the work items related efficient use of Spectrum resources. It was chaired by Mr. Sanjeev Banzal, Adviser, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

The list of the experts who worked for the implementation of SATRC Action Plan Phase V is available here.

The WGs of SATRC worked on 8 Work Items during the implementation of SAP-V and developed SATRC Reports on the Work Items as outcomes. The outcomes were approved by the SATRC-17. The outcomes are listed below.

Report No. Title of the Report




SATRC Report on Measures to protect interests of Consumer





SATRC Report on Regulatory and Technical Aspects of OTT






SATRC Report on Emerging Licensing framework including exist and relicensing policy





SATRC Report on International connectivity for provisioning of broadband services





SATRC Report on Spectrum Requirement Estimation for IMT Systems in SATRC Countries 





 SATRC Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety in the Frequency Bands used for Mobile Phones





SATRC Report on Role of Network Sharing for SATRC Countries: From Passive Infrastructure Sharing to Mobile Virtual Network Operation





SATRC Report on Spectrum Re-farming in SATRC Countries


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