2nd Meeting of the SATRC WG on Network and Services

The Second Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Network and Services
  19 - 20 December 2011, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Doc. No. Title Source
Meeting Documents
SATRC-WG-NET-02/01 Agenda of the Meeting APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-NET-02/02 Program of the Meeting APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-NET-02/03 List of the participants APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-NET-02/04 Work Plan of the Working Group on Network and Services  APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-NET-02/05 Report on Work Item "Evolution of NGN and NGA : Interconnection Tariffs in SATRC countries"  TRAI, India
SATRC-WG-NET-02/06 Regulatory Issues in NGN Interconnection  CRA, Iran
SATRC-WG-NET-02/07 Draft Report on “Ensuring Quality Mobile Handsets in SATRC Countries”  NTA, Nepal
SATRC-WG-NET-02/08 Service Level Agreements (SLA)  CRA, Iran
SATRC-WG-NET-02/09 International Roaming Tariff  CRA, Iran


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