SATRC Working Group on Policy and Regulation

The First Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Policy and Regulation
09 - 10 August 2010, New Delhi, India

Doc. No. Title Source
Meeting Documents
SATRC-WG-PR01/01 Agenda of the Meeting APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-PR01/02 Program of the Meeting APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-PR01/03 List of the participants APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-PR01/04 Outcomes of the 11th SATRC Meeting and SATRC Action Plan Phase III APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-PR01/05 Terms of Reference of the SATRC WG on Policy and Regulation  Chairman
 SATRC-WG-PR01/06 Workplan of the SATRC WG on Policy and Regulation  Chairman
 SATRC-WG-PR01/07 Facilitating Broadband in SATRC Countries  Bhutan
 SATRC-WG-PR01/08 Broadband in Bangladesh  Bangladesh
SATRC-WG-PR01/09 Broadband in India: Status and Challenges India
SATRC-WG-PR01/10 Introduction of Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) Afghanisthan
SATRC-WG-PR01/11 VoIP Issues Bhutan
SATRC-WG-PR01/12 Internet Telephony in India: Status and Issues India
SATRC-WG-PR01/13 Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) and Cybersecurity India
SATRC-WG-PR01/14 Adoption of Green Technology and Safety of Wireless Network India
SATRC-WG-PR01/15 Country Experience on Work Items of WG on Ploicy and Regulation Nepal


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