2nd Meeting of the SATRC WG on Spectrum

The Second Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Spectrum
  12 - 13 December 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Doc. No. Title Source
Meeting Documents
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/01 Agenda of the Meeting APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/02 Program of the Meeting APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/03 List of the participants APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/04  Work Plan of the Working Group on Spectrum  APT Secretariat
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/05  Dynamic Spectrum Management Using Cognitive Radio  CRA, Iran
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/06 (Rev.1)  Long Term Evolution (Attached Presentation)  TRAI, India
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/07 (Rev.1) Emergency Telecommunication - Acceding to Tampere Convention  PTA, Pakistan
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/08 Spectrum Sharing and Trading  TRC, Sri Lanka
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/09 Survey Questionnaires for the Identification of Harmonized Frequency Bands for PPDR

Responses From:

 BTRC, Bangladesh
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/10 Working Document on the Identification of Harmonized Frequency Bands for PPDR  BTRC, Bangladesh
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/11 SATRC Questionnaire on Long Term Evolution
Replies from:
 TRAI, India
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/12 Draft Report on Spectrum Pricing  NTA, Nepal
SATRC-WG-SPEC-02/13 SATRC Questionnaire on Spectrum Pricing   NTA, Nepal


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