SATRC Working Group on Spectrum (WG SPEC)

SATRC Working Group on Spectrum (WG SPEC) is dealing with isseues related to spectrum that are common in SATRC Members.  

Working Procedures:
SATRC WG Spec maintains the following working procedure:

  •  Working Group will be chaired by nominee from one of the regulators 
  • There should be at least one expert from each member regulator in each Working Group
  •  Regulators may nominate and encourage experts on relevant work from the  industry  sector of their country
  • Working Group will work on a number of work items relevant to the need of the SATRC region
  • Work items will be proposed by the regulators, working group experts and SATRC consultant considering the needs of the regulators and the industry 
  • Working Group will have one physical meeting in a year. Beside physical meetings Working Group should conduct online activities through email reflector. 
  • For attending the Working Group meeting one fellowship per SATRC Member will be granted 
  • Working Group will decide the scopes of work of each working items 
  • The output of each work items could be a SATRC Report or Guideline or Opinion as decided by the Working Group. All the outputs of the Working Group must have to be approved by the next immediate meeting of the SATRC.


  • Chairman: Mr. S.T. Abbas, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
  • Vice-Chairmen: Ms. Maryam Espandar (Communications Regulatory Authority, Islamic Rep. of Iran) and Mr. Sebghatullah Andar (Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority) 
  • WG ExpertsClick here to download the complete list of the Experts of the WG SPEC.

Assgined Work Items:
The Work Items of WG SPEC during the implementation of SATRC Action Plan Phase VII (2019-2020) are as follows:

  • Work Item 1: Assessment of current practices in spectrum management and developing spectrum roadmap 
  • Work Item 2: Spectrum re-farming
  • Work Item 3: Spectrum consideration for the deployment of IoT 

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