August 2022

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Recent Event


The 22nd APT Policy and Regulatory Forum (PRF-22)

19 - 21 July 2022, Bangkok, Thailand (Hybrid Meeting)


APT organized the 22nd APT Policy and Regulatory Forum (PRF-22) from 19 to 21 July 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand with hybrid format (both physical and virtual attendance through Zoom meeting). The Forum was attended by 219 participants (77 physical and 142 virtual) from APT Members, Associate Members, Affiliate Members, International Organization and other organizations.


There are mainly five features that illustrate PRF-22.



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Ministerial Session on “Digital Transformation and Innovation Strategies for Sustainable Digital Society”

First, recognizing that ICT is playing an important role for developing sustainable digital society, this PRF-22 had a special Ministerial Session with Ministers and Vice Ministers from APT Member Administrations to share their insights, experiences, and policies being implemented in their countries. This year’s theme was digital transformation and innovation strategies which are in line with the objective of the Singapore Statement adopted by the ICT Ministers of APT.          



Second, PRF-22 also had a special roundtable session with Head of Regulators from APT Member Administrations to identify the challenges they faced and discussed opportunities and possible way forward towards the new concept of the regulatory framework. 


Third, PRF-22 had two business dialogue sessions through which industry representatives shared their views on the strategies to accelerate the development of 5G ecosystem as well as regulatory implications and impacts of emerging technologies on economy and ICT landscape. These sessions offered an opportunity to discuss ways on how industry and policy makers and regulators collaborate to achieve a common goal. 


Fourth, PRF-22 organized four thematic sessions, covering disaster management, quality of service, cybersecurity, and inclusiveness. All of them are important aspects in promoting ICT markets and society and keeping them energetic and agile. 


Fifth, based on the revised Working Methods of PRF approved at the 45th session of the Management Committee of APT (MC-45), PRF-22 elected Mr. Ilyas Ahmed (Maldives) as the Chair and Ms. Thasawan Samorwong (Thailand) and Mr. Brian Winji (Vanuatu) as the Vice-Chairs of PRF for 2-years term. In addition, as per the decision of MC-45 on gender neutral language, PRF-22 reviewed and adopted the revised Working Methods of PRF for consideration upcoming MC.



Moreover, APT jointly with OECD organized a workshop on ‘Connectivity for All: Insights for Asia Pacific’ scheduled back-to-back with PRF-22 on Thursday, 21 July. This workshop focused on discussing the measures to expand high-quality broadband connectivity through effective policies in the Asia Pacific region. 


The 23rd APT Policy and Regulatory Forum (PRF-23) will be held on Q2, 2023.



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Upcoming Events

APT Web Dialogue:  Lessons and Opportunities for
Countering Dis/Misinformation in the Asia-Pacific

9 August 2022, 12:00-13:30 pm (Bangkok time)


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Description automatically generatedThis APT Web Dialogue is a collaboration between APT and Protection Group International (PGI). This episode will focus on building understanding and awareness of these issues, starting with an overview on the evolution of misinformation and disinformation influence operations.


·       Moderator: Beth Hepworth, Director of Intelligence Operations, PGI

·       Presenter: Mr. Patrick Wrigley, Principal Analyst‑Digital Operations, PGI

·       Panelists:

§  Mr. John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Vanuatu Government

§  Ms. Choi Eunkyoung, Professor, Hanshin University and Editor-in-chief of the Korean Society for Journalism & Communications Studies

§  Mr. Santiphap Phoemmongkhonsap, Deputy Director, Anti Fake News Center, Thailand


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The 4th Meeting of the APT Conference
Preparatory Group for WRC-23 (APG23-4)

15 - 20 August 2022, Bangkok, Thailand (Hybrid Meeting)


The objectives of the APG23-4 are to review the results of APG23-3 and Intercessional Working Party meetings; update APT preliminary views on WRC-23 Agenda Items based on input contributions from APT Members; consider the progress in ITU-R Study Groups in relation to WRC-23 Agenda items, and take necessary actions as appropriate; review the activities of other regional organizations, in particular their preliminary views/positions on WRC-23 with a view to fostering inter-regional cooperation; review issues related to RA-23 and develop APT preliminary views, if any; contribute, if possible and where necessary, to the activities of the APT Preparatory Group for PP-22 with respect to the issues relevant to the purview of the APG; and discuss APT preparations for the ITU Inter-regional Workshop on WRC-23 Preparations.


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APT-ICAO Regional Dialogue: 
Radio Altimeters at 4200-4400 MHz band and
implementation of 5G in adjacent bands

23 August 2022, 09:00-11:00 am (Bangkok time)



Description automatically generatedThis APT Web Dialogue is a collaboration between APT and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


This web dialogue is intended to promote the common understanding among the spectrum regulators, and industries on the operation of Radio Altimeters in the band 4 200 – 4 400 MHz and the implementation of 5G in the adjacent bands ensuring the aviation safety in the Asia-Pacific region.


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The 30th Meeting of APT Wireless Group (AWG-30)

5 - 9 September 2022, Bangkok, Thailand (Hybrid Meeting)


AWG covers various aspects of emerging wireless systems to meet the upcoming digital convergence era in the Asia-Pacific region. It also assists to provide effective radiocommunication solutions and to facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge. In its 30th meeting, the AWG will continue to study on the existing work items, report on the progress of studies and discuss the relevant issues.

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SATRC Workshop on Recent Trends and Technologies

20 - 22 September 2022, Dhulikhel, Nepal


The SATRC Workshop on Recent Trends and Technologies is a part of the implementation of SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII which was approved by the 22nd SATRC meeting held in 2021 virtually. The emphasis of the workshop will be on recent trends and technologies for providing connectivity and encouraging innovation towards smart digital society. It will give an opportunity for the SATRC Members as well as industry to share their experiences and future plan to adopt the changes in trends and technologies.


The workshop will be hosted by Nepal Telecommunications Authority.


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Other Upcoming Events in 2022




1.     15th APT Policy and Regulation Forum for Pacific

30 August -
1 September


2.     The 30th Meeting of APT Wireless Group (AWG-30)

5 - 9 September

Thailand (Hybrid)

3.     The 10th Meeting of the Working Group of MC on APT Legal Instruments (WGMC-10)

7-8 November


4.     The 23rd Meeting of South Asian Telecommunication Regulators’ Council (SATRC-23)

14-16 November

Islamic Republic of Iran

5.     19th APT Telecommunication/ICT Development Forum (ADF-19)

22- 24 November


6.     Seminar on Progress in APT for the year 2022

12 December

Thailand (Hybrid)

7.     46th Session of the Management Committee of the APT (MC-46)

13-16 December

Thailand (Hybrid)

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