Temporary Documents of CGMC Meeting

Document No. Description Source Date Allocation
CG/TEMP-1(Rev.2) GAMC Decision-13: Guidelines for Member Countries and the APT Secretariat concerning Extra Budgetary Contributions
CG/TEMP-2 GAMC Decision-25 [Suppressed] Guiding Principles for Organising Programmes with Sub Regional, Regional and International Organisations
CG/TEMP-3 (Rev.1) GAMC Decision-22: Rules of Procedure of the Management Committee
CG/TEMP-4 (Rev.1) GAMC Decision-20: Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly
CG/TEMP-5 (Rev.1) GAMC Decision-24: APT Documentation Scheme
CG/TEMP-6 GAMC Decision-4: Nature of the Functions and Conditions of Employment of the Executive Director, the Deputy Executive Director/Directors and Other Officials of the Secretariat of the Telecommunity
CG/TEMP-7 GAMC Decisions APT
CG/TEMP-8 GAMC Decision-23: Affiliate Membership Guidelines
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