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Dissemination of information to members is an important part of APT’s activities. The APT's publications are produced to meet the requirements of our Members and to provide a platform for the global and regional dissemination of information. The APT also aims at promoting better understanding of the Telecommunity and the regional needs.


APT Newsletter

The APT also fosters closer ties with our members through the APT Newsletter which is issued on a monthly basis. The publication serves as a vital medium for the Secretariat to disseminate telecommunications related information, activities, development, events and other related news on the region to APT members and outsiders. It also features highlights of recent and forthcoming APT activities, seminars, meetings and workshops.

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APT Reports

APT Recommendations and Reports developed by AWG 
APT Recommendations and Reports developed by ASTAP 
APT Report on Best Practice of Connectivity - Village Broadband Internet Project (Net Pracharat) of Thailand

APT Yearbook

The APT Yearbook is an excellent compendium for all telecommunication and ICT players interested in the development of telecommunications and ICT in the Asia-Pacific region. It gives the current status of telecom and ICT in the countries and territories of the Telecommunity. Much of the information is provided through the APT, making the APT Yearbook a truly unique and comprehensive source of valuable reports.

This prestigious publication was launched in 1994. The latest edition was released in 2014. Further update on the publication of APT Yearbook will be posted in due course.

APT Yearbook - Special Edition (2014)







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