ASTAP Recommendations and Reports

APT Recommendations Developed by ASTAP: 

No. Title Date
APT/ASTAP/REC-01 (Rev.1)  APT Recommendation on Radiocommunication Systems for Early Warning and Diaster Relief Operations  11/2012

 APT Reports Developed by ASTAP:

No. Title Date
APT/ASTAP/REPT-01 APT Report on Introduction to Green ICT Activities October 2011
APT/ASTAP/REPT-02 APT Report on Use and Examples of Radiocommunication Systems for Early Warning and Disaster Relief Operations 2011
APT/ASTAP/REPT-03 (Rev.4) APT Report on Characteristics and Requirements of Optical and Electrical Components for Millimeter-wave Radio on Fiber Systems

September 2015

APT/ASTAP/REPT-04 APT Report on Technology Trends of Telecommunications Above 100GHz 2011
APT/ASTAP/REPT-05 APT Report on e-Government Implementation in Asia-Pacific Developing Countries and Its Challenges and Obstacles 2012
APT/ASTAP/REPT-06 APT Report on Type Approval and Its Challenges in APT Countries 2012
APT/ASTAP/REPT-07 APT Report on Korean IPTV Market and Regulation System 2012
APT Report on Guidance for Green ICT Standards August 2014
APT/ASTAP/REPT-09 APT Report on Direct Single-Mode-Fiber Coupled Free Space Optical Communications to Expand the Flexibility in Fiber-Based Services 2013
APT/ASTAP/REPT-10 APT Report on Case Study of ICT Applications in Ship Building Industry in Korea 2013
APT/ASTAP/REPT-11 APT Report on Wired and Wireless Seamless Connections using Millimeter-Wave Radio over Fiber Technology for Resilient Access Networks March 2014
APT/ASTAP/REPT-12 APT Report on Some Lessons from Current Discussion on Network Neutrality in Korea March 2014
APT/ASTAP/REPT-13 (Rev.2) APT Report on "Handbook to Introduce ICT Solutions for the Community in Rural Areas" August 2017 
APT/ASTAP/REPT-14 APT Report on Packet Transport Networks August 2014
APT/ASTAP/REPT-15 APT Report on Mobile QoS Benchmarking Assessment March 2015
APT/ASTAP/REPT-16 APT Report on Smart Grid in APT Region March 2015
APT/ASTAP/REPT-17 APT Report on Cost Effective Disaster Management System September 2015
APT/ASTAP/REPT-18 APT Report on Disaster Information Sharing System in APT Countries September 2015
APT/ASTAP/REPT-19 APT Report on Integration of Radio-over-Fiber with WDM PON for Seamless Access Communication System September 2015
APT/ASTAP/REPT-20 APT Report on Radio-over-Fiber Relay Link for Indoor Communication System September 2015
APT/ASTAP/REPT-21 APT Report on Requirements of Information and Communication System Using Vehicle during Disaster September 2015
APT/ASTAP/REPT-22 APT Report on Type Approval and Test of Information Technology Equipment  March 2016
APT/ASTAP/REPT-23 ICT Standardization and Conformity Assessment System in Asia-Pacific Region March 2016
APT Report on e-Health in APT Region August 2017 
APT/ASTAP/REPT-25 APT Report on Fronthaul/ Backhaul using Millimeter-wave Radio over Fiber Technologies  March 2017
APT/ASTAP/REPT-26 APT Report on Multiservice Signal Transmission using Radio over Fiber Technology March 2017
APT/ASTAP/REPT-27 APT Guideline on Management of Deploying ICT Solutions March 2017
APT/ASTAP/REPT-28 APT Guideline for Secure use of IT Devices and Services
– Security: Protect your Data –
March 2017
APT Report on Asia-Pacific Regional Activities on Human Exposure to EMF August 2017


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