ASTAP: Working Group on Green ICT and EMF Exposure (WG GICT&EMF)


  • To exchange information on experience related to the ICT impact to the Climate Change and Smart sustainable cities including green of/by ICTs and Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Exposure among the APT member countries
  • To study issues, develop proposals and drive ICT standardization activities related to the Green ICT and EMF Exposure in the APT Region
  • To identify regional interest and recommendations from the APT Members and channel to reflect it to the international SDOs related to Green ICT and EMF Exposure; as and when required
  • Key focus areas on Green ICT will be
    • Green of ICT: Green efforts to reduce the growing carbon footprint of the ICT industry, covering areas such as ICT hardware and software, network equipment, base stations, data centres and e-waste management
    • Green by ICT: Green efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the other economic sectors by leveraging on the ICT advancement, covering smart sustainable cities and various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, etc.
    • ICT for Green: ICT efforts to preserve and conserve the environment such as forests, ocean, etc.
  • Key focus oareas on EMF Exposure will be
    • impact of EMF to human
    • Test methods and measurements of EMF exposure
    • Standards related to EMF exposure in APT member countries.


  • Standards, guidelines, best practices and white papers related to Green ICT and EMF exposure
  • Contributions to global and regional standardization activities on Green ICT and EMF exposure
  • Status reports on standardization activities of Green ICT and EMF exposure
  • Proposals of workshop on Green ICT and EMF exposure; if necessary

Dr. Sam Young Chung
Policy Research Institute for Human Dignity, Republic of Korea

Mr. Min Prasad Aryal
Nepal Telecom Authority, Nepal

Mr. Nur Akbar Said
Senior Policy Analyst
Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Indonesia

Mr. Uttachai Mannontri
Division Director
National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission

Last updated on 28/05/2024
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