Outcomes of SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII

The SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII (SAP-VIII) was adopted by the 22nd Meeting of SATRC (SATRC-22) held virtually from 1 to 3 November 2021 for the implementation period of 2022 – 2023. In the implementation of Action Plan Phase VIII, SATRC covered a number of specific issues that are common to the SATRC Members.

SAP-VIII was implemented through the two SATRC Working Groups (WGs). Each WG was assigned with a number of Work Items. The WGs are:

  • Working Group on Policy, Regulation and Services (WG PRS): To deal with the work items related to policy, regulation, and ICT development in the region. It was chaired by Mr. Mudassar Naveed, Director General, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
  •  Working Group on Spectrum (WG SPEC): To deal with the work items related efficient use of Spectrum resources. It was chaired by Mr. S. T. Abbas, Principal Advisor, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

The list of the experts who worked for the implementation of SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII is available here.

The WGs of SATRC worked on 9 Work Items during the implementation of SAP-VIII and developed SATRC Reports on the Work Items as outcomes. The outcomes were approved by the SATRC-24. The outcomes are listed below.

Report No.                
Title of the Report


Report on Development of enabling Policy and Regulatory Environments, in the context of SATRC, to embrace the new Ecosystem brought by 5G


Report on Telecom Active Infrastructure Sharing

Report on Regulatory Issues related to OTT Services and Applications

Report on NGSO Satellite Constellations: Requirements, Challenges, and Impact in South Asia

Report on Approaches towards spectrum harmonization for 5G bands
Report on Evaluation of spectrum utilization in SATRC Member countries
SAPVIII-REP-07 Report on Regulatory approaches for sharing, trading and leasing of spectrum
SAPVIII-REP-08 Report on Cross-border coordination for interference in SATRC countries
SAPVIII-REP-09 Report on SATRC action plans for the development of spectrum management infrastructure, procedure, and tools

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