APT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-19 (APG-19)

Working Party 2 (WP2)

CPM-19 Report Chapter 2: Broadband Applications in the Moble Service
WRC-19 Agenda Items : 1.13, 1.16, 9.1 (Issues 9.1.1, 9.1.5, 9.1.8)

to consider identification of frequency bands for the future development of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT), including possible additional allocations to the mobile service on a primary basis, in accordance with Resolution 238(WRC-15);

Drafting Group Chair - Dr. Hiroyuki Atarashi (Japan)

to consider issues related to wireless access systems, including radio local area networks (WAS/RLAN), in the frequency bands between 5 150 MHz and 5 925 MHz, and take the appropriate regulatory actions, including additional spectrum allocations to the mobile service, in accordance with Resolution 239 (WRC- 15);

Drafting Group Chair - Dr. Fang Ji Cheng (People's Rep. of China)

Issue 9.1.1: Implementation of International Mobile Telecommunications in the frequency bands 1 885 2 025 MHz and 2 110-2 200 MHz

Drafting Group Chair - Dr. Azim Fard (Islamic Rep. of Iran)

Issue 9.1.5: Consideration of the technical and regulatory impacts of referencing Recommendations ITU R M.1638 1 and ITU R M.1849 1 in Nos. 5.447F and 5.450A of the Radio Regulations;

Drafting Group Chair - Dr. Fang Ji Cheng (People's Rep. of China)

Issue 9.1.8: Studies on the technical and operational aspects of radio networks and systems, as well as spectrum needed, including possible harmonized use of spectrum to support the implementation of narrowband and broadband machine-type communication infrastructures, in order to develop Recommendations, Reports and/or Handbooks, as appropriate, and to take appropriate actions within the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) scope of work.

Drafting Group Chair - Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti (Indonesia)


Dr. Jaewoo Lim
Senior Researcher, National Radio Research Agency
Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT)
Republic of Korea
E-mail: jwlim@korea.kr

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